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Rick & Bubba on why they chose Briarwood from Briarwood Christian School on Vimeo.

To prepare our students to serve Christ faithfully and effectively in the 21st century, Briarwood Christian School, a ministry of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, provides a comprehensive college preparatory educational program of uncompromising quality within a stimulating and nurturing Christian environment. We serve nearly 2,000 students on two beautiful campuses.

From our research-based instructional programs to our advanced placement classes, engineering, robotics, classical and foreign languages (Latin, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese), the innovative Learning Unleashed 1:1 iPad program, comprehensive and competitive athletics, and extraordinary fine arts programs, we provide our students with an excellent Christian education that develops the mind, nurtures the soul, and shapes the character … for today and for the future.

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Briarwood Christian School provides excellence in education in a Christ-centered environment through impact-oriented leadership that will challenge and inspire the whole student, equipping each student to glorify God by responsible action in contemporary society.


Every school is defined and known by distinctive hallmarks or distinguishing qualities. The prominent compelling trait of a Christian school that successfully impacts students is a divinely empowered school climate where students are spiritually and intellectually equipped to serve Christ.

  • Rooted in the Word of God
  • Centered on the preeminence of Christ
  • Reflective of Christ's teaching and character
  • Dependent on the Spirit of God
  • Permeated with prayer
  • Loving, an environment where people are valued because they are created in God's image
  • Excellent, an environment permeated with a passionate pursuit of excellence for God's glory