Foundations & Frameworks

It helps me look at reading in a new way. – Fifth Grade student

I think the reading program this year is great.  It has helped me by giving me good visual tools and it has helped me become a better reader.  The books are the best part because they’re action-packed and some are cliffhangers, leaving you in suspense.  Others are sweet.  I am really happy with this reading program – Fourth Grade student

I’ve learned that sometimes you have stuff in common with the main character. – Second Grade student

It makes me feel better to read.  Now, when I have extra time, I will sit and read.  I didn’t do that before. – Fifth Grade student

I think the reading program helps to expand our creativity.  It also helps us get along and understand each other. – Third Grade student

I like this reading program because I love to read new books.  My friends are reading the same book so we can talk and ask each other questions about it.  I think the reading log activities help me with vocabulary and spelling too. –  Sixth Grade student

I have learned new vocabulary that I can use in real life. – Fourth Grade student

I like the way we do reading because of the individual groups reading different books.  The books are very challenging but fun at the same time.  The way the program works helps us learn the whole meaning of the book.  This program helps me to look at reading in a different perspective.  – Fifth Grade student

I get to read more than we did in the past. – Second Grade student

With Foundations & Frameworks, the students become part of the story. – Scott Etchison, Principal Aurora Christian School, Aurora, IL

I like the Foundations & Frameworks reading program because it helps expand my reading.  This program lets us read a whole book and discuss the book.  It has helped me with my vocabulary. – Fifth Grade student

This program has made me a better reader and I love reading now.  It’s my favorite subject! – Third Grade student

This reading helps you understand the story better.  It helps you break things apart step by step so you understand. – Fifth Grade student

The visual tools we have learned to use enhance my understanding of the story. – Fifth Grade student

I really like how we do posters with a reading group.  Instead of just taking a test it helps me understand what we are doing better. – Fourth Grade student

I like the reading program because the books are longer so I can remember the stories better.  Reading is my favorite since we got our new program. – Fifth Grade student

Now when I read I am finding literary elements and am summarizing every chapter easily. – Sixth Grade student

Spending time with people in groups is great.  And getting their opinion is cool.  This was the best year of reading yet!! – Fourth Grade student

My favorite thing about reading is the choice of books and all the categories.  There are so many good books in the program it is so hard to choose. – Sixth Grade student