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Foundations & Frameworks is an investment in education’s most valuable asset – its teachers.

Research has repeatedly confirmed that the most significant factor in a student’s academic achievement is the classroom teacher. To improve reading achievement, improve reading instruction. A sound professional development investment in teachers results in greater intentionality with teachers knowing why they do what they do. Foundations & Frameworks is such an investment. Teachers who have completed Foundations & Frameworks training are better equipped to teach reading because they understand the basic elements that make up the process, and they understand the process itself. This enables them to make instructional decisions that positively impact student achievement. They know the students, and they know reading so they can design instruction intentionally, matching student need with instruction.

For a school to implement Foundations & Frameworks, teachers are required to attend a ten-day training in major element of reading instruction, including: instructional design, reading comprehension, visual tools, small groups, vocabulary, assessment, and content area reading.

Participants are offered up to six graduate credit hours for completed coursework and up to 10 continuing education units. Details regarding credit hours are given the first day of training.


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