Choral Music

Music plays a very important role in the life of musical students at Briarwood Christian School. Our goal is to glorify God by engendering in our students a love of music, an appreciation for beauty as expressed through music, and by developing the God-given talents of each student.


4th Grade Choir

All students are involved in choir in the 4th grade. Students sing a wide variety of music – anthems with excellent texts from Scripture, fun songs, and hymns. A series of music reading activities are used throughout the year to help students master the language of “music.” The sequence of study includes sections on reading rhythm, note reading, listening activities, and an introduction to music intervals. All these activities are related to the choral selections used during the rehearsal. The 4th Grade Choir is responsible for a Christmas program in early December. Students prepare choral selections that contribute to a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Throughout the year, students are introduced to major composers and learn to recognize major works by these composers. Students have a great time in 4th grade choir as they explore many of the joys of music. Director: Mrs. McKenzie

5th and 6th Grade Concert Choir

In grades 5 and 6, students may choose choir as a fine arts elective. A wide variety of age-appropriate music is used with this choir. Many of these selections introduce students to singing in more than one part. Music reading activities continue as students work to increase their understanding and ability to read rhythms and notes found in choral selections. At this level, students are introduced to key signatures, scales, the hearing and singing of intervals, and some introduction to sight singing. A Spring Concert is prepared by the members of this age group utilizing a variety of musical styles. Director: Mr. Gaines

5th AND 6th Grade Performance Choir

Students in the 5th and 6th Grade Concert Choir may audition for Performance Choir which adds choreography with singing. This groups sings with the Concert Choir but also performs outside the school walls. Director: Mrs. McKenzie


Selected members of the 5th and 6th Grade Concert Choir attend the Young Voices Festival each year on the campus of Auburn University. Approximately 1,500 singers from all parts of Alabama are involved in the various choirs at the Young Voices Festival. National clinicians from various schools and universities in the United States provide leadership. A major concert is presented on Saturday afternoon as a climax for this excellent musical experience for all participants.

Junior High

Junior High Choir

This group is open by audition to all 7th and 8th grade students. Performing a wide variety of repertoire, the Junior High Choir performs for the school and other civic and church related programs. Junior High Choir masters the basics of rhythm and sight-reading development and prepares the student for entrance into the high school Choral program. Director: Mr. Gaines

Senior High

Briarwood Show Choir “Radica”

This select group is open by audition to all high school students. Radica, which is Italian for ‘briar wood’ performs a diverse portfolio of music ranging from classical to contemporary. This group also combines singing with choreography. Radica performs at various civic and church events, as well as competing at the local and state level. Opportunities are offered to audition for All-State Show Choir & Solo/Ensemble competition. They compete in the show choir circuit as well. The group typically participates in one larger event each year such as the ACSI Choir Festival at Carnegie Hall or the Disney World Candlelight Christmas Processional.
Director: Mr. Gaines


Mr. Matt Gaines
Phone: 205-776-5831

Elementary Director

Mrs. Lauren McKenzie
Phone: 205-776-5831

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