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God is the ultimate creator, the first artist. The Word of God opens with the act of creation. In Genesis 1 it says, “In the beginning God created.” God is interested in art. Man was created in the image of God to create after Him. We possess the ability to create something and delegate in it just as Jesus did. Art is not to be worshipped, God is, and when the art or the artist is put above the ultimate creator God, sin is the issue. When the sin issue is dealt with things can return to their original purpose, art created for the beauty and glory of God.
Francis Schaeffer, Art and the Bible

We design our theatre classes around the truth that art is created and enjoyed for God’s glory and as a blessing to others. Drama gives students an opportunity to express their creativity while studying and learning from great classical and contemporary drama.

Drama I

The purpose of Drama I is to promote an appreciation for drama while learning basic skills in acting and technical theatre. Students leave the class with a higher level of confidence and stronger communication skills. Students learn basic theatre skills in acting including a study of pantomime and improvisation. Some of the acting is scripted and some is spontaneous which prepares them to learn to think on their feet. They study character development within the play while also focusing on their own character development. Opportunities to perform solo, in groups, and before the student body are a part of the curriculum.

Drama II

Drama II is a theatre practicum class where students work in all areas of the theatre. There are several levels of drama students in this class.  You can take this class for three consecutive years after taking Drama I.  The students are given the opportunity to work in all the production areas of theatre.  Everyone participates in an ensemble acting project.  Students are required to study their characters, design their sets, and produce the scene for the class.  During the year they will be working on all the mainstage productions in the area of set design, construction, painting, make-up, and costuming.  The more experienced students will lead different projects.  Every other year this class works on a children’s theatre production.  This play is performed in the spring after all the other mainstage productions have concluded.


The Fine Arts Department produces three mainstage productions a year consisting of either a comedy or drama, a musical revue, and a large scale classic musical. The Drama II class produces a children’s theatre production every other year and on those years we have four mainstage productions. We give the students an opportunity to participate in a variety of productions and drama styles.  Our desire is to provide a well-rounded theatre program that our school family and community will enjoy.

The Barbara B. Barker Fine Arts Auditorium

The Fine Arts program enjoys the use of a beautiful 30,000 square foot auditorium. With seating for 750 and equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, ballet room, green room, and orchestra pit, the Barbara B. Barker Fine Arts Auditorium serves as an elegant forum for drama productions, ballet, chapel services, and special events. Students who have an interest in technical theatre will benefit from some of the finest technology available.


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