Grandparents’ Day is Monday, November 5, 2018

At Briarwood Christian School we believe that grandparents are important. God’s design for the family includes grandparents who will reinforce and enhance parental instruction. Grandparents are to teach their children and the next generation about the works of God “. . . so that they should set their hope in God . . .” (Psalm 78:6,7). We believe that a grandparent’s acceptance and love for their grandchildren provides a living example of the faithfulness of God.

Each year we celebrate our grandparents on the first Monday in November. Grandparents are invited to visit classrooms and share their life stories and experiences. In addition, a special chapel program conveys our appreciation for their involvement in our student’s lives. On this day students are dismissed early to spend the afternoon with their grandparents. Our desire is that this special day will encourage grandparents in their appreciation of the Christian education their grandchildren are receiving.
We encourage grandparents to be involved in the education of their grandchildren by praying specifically about their school experience, by attending school events and performances, and by encouraging their children in the investment they are making in their grandchildren’s education and character development at Briarwood Christian School.

For more information about Grandparents’ Day and other events, contact the elementary principal at 205-776-5800.  To stay updated on school events please send your contact information and email address to to be added to the Grandparent Database.