Tips to Help Your Children Succeed in School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new parent’s blog! School administrators will periodically write short articles that we believe will be helpful to you.

With a new school year upon us, the principals have compiled a simple list of tips that will help your child have a successful school year. We trust that this and subsequent articles will be a blessing to you.

Tips for Grades K4–6th

  • Pray for us that the Lord will enable us to minister academically and spiritually to the children entrusted to our care.
  • Be sure your child gets plenty of rest each night. Recommended: 10–12 hours.
  • Carefully consider your child’s schedule and extra-curricular commitments. Too many activities can impact nutrition (fast food in the car vs. healthier meal at home), sleep, energy, and study habits.
  • Be sure your child is on time each day.
  • Let your child take ownership in their work. Parents may assist as needed, but the work needs to be planned and completed by the child.
  • Set up a designated homework area for your child. Keep this area well stocked with necessary supplies to enable your child to quickly settle into their homework routine.
  • Use a calendar to help your child plan for test preparation and projects.

Tips for Junior High

  • Reinforce your child knowing the basis for successful learning:
  • Listen in class
  • Take good notes
  • Ask questions in class
  • Go to help sessions when provided
  • Know what homework assignments, projects, essays are due each day
  • Study for tests several days in advance

Tips for High School

  • Allow them to grow in their ‘independence’ even if it may be difficult for them to make mistakes at times. The more your son/daughter learns to take ownership of their education and their decisions, the more they will learn and grow into a confident, mature adult.
  • Staying organized and exercising good time management are critical to success not only in HS, but as a life skill. Help them and hold them accountable to developing their own system through an agenda, electronic organizer, use of reminders, etc.
  •  Make every attempt to have them set aside a regular study/homework time and space. This will help your HS student be more consistent in his or her study/work habits.
  • Encourage the setting of attainable goals, particularly in areas where your son/daughter may struggle. Incremental improvements can be very encouraging.
  • Make sure you son/daughter takes advantage of our new, semester-long ACT Prep class.