Learning Unleashed

Learning Unleashed

South Campus (Grades 7-12)

The Learning Unleashed Program includes the use of mobile devices, digital textbooks, challenge and problem based learning projects, publishing and presenting student work, collaboration, and innovation. Learning Unleashed includes tools to enhance what we know from brain research on how the brain learns so that the learning experience of our students is more engaging and varied resulting in deeper understanding and longer retention.  The LU program also teaches students to use the tools they will be using in college and at work.

The Theological Foundation and Purpose for Technology at BCS

As in everything we do, our technology program is designed to honor and serve Christ in fulfillment of the school’s mission:

Briarwood Christian School provides excellence in education in a Christ-centered environment through impact-oriented leadership that will challenge and inspire the whole student, equipping each student to glorify God by responsible action in contemporary society.

The purpose of this program is to enhance and expand the learning experience of our students by integrating technology seamlessly into the classroom so that students are prepared theologically, morally, and academically to learn with and to use technology in a Christ honoring manner as they prepare for college and work.

We live in an amazing time in human history. Never before has the world’s knowledge been available instantaneously, by anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Digital technology puts the world’s knowledge in the pockets of our students.

We teach our students to understand the role of technology from a biblical perspective and how to use it in a Christ honoring fashion.  As Paul states in II Corinthians 10:5, “we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” Our goal is to teach our students that technology is a gift from God to be used in fulfilling God’s assigned task of exercising stewardship over the created order (Gen.1).